If someone were to reduce the human being down to its very basic form then we’re all nothing but a brain attached to a long and tangled mess of nerves. These nerves extend into event little bit of our body, allowing the brain to monitor it and control it. Let’s say your hand is reaching out to a hot object; in this case your brain will use all your senses to tell you that you shouldn’t touch the hot object.

All of your bodily functions are communicated to various parts of your body through your nerves. Every feel, every sense is all passed through your nervous system and is processed by your brain before you’re made conscious of it – this is a process that happens very fast. Your nerves are also very delicate and can be prone to a number of dangerous conditions that can impair their function; this is what neuropathy is. For more information on neuropathy, you can click here.

As for how neuropathy is contracted, it can happen to anyone as a long term side effect or complication from another medical procedure. It may not manifest just after said procedure has been done but there can be chances of it happening much later on. Type 2 diabetes also damages your nerves to a point where the doctors have to tell you that you’re suffering from neuropathy and this doesn’t happen till it’s already in an advanced stage.

Other things that cause neuropathy in the long run are deficiencies of nutrients in the body such as vitamin B12, exposure to external toxic substances and harmful drugs and the like. However, it’s worth mentioning that there are certain cases in which the cause of neuropathy is hard to explain.