As a pet owner, and a generally clumsy person with dust, I often wondered whether I should invest in a vacuum cleaner or not. It is not because I was concerned I was spending a good amount of money on a vacuum cleaner, it is just that I was being lazy. I finally pulled the trigger one day and got myself a good vacuum cleaner.

However, I was not able to do it without all the confusions that involved in the process, especially when you consider that this was my first time buying a vacuum cleaner. So, with that rut in mind, I am listing down some of the things you need to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner. If you are looking for a company that I would recommend, then go for Black Oak Vintage because of how good it is.

Type of Cleaning

Generally, I would advise people to just get a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner because it will cater to all sorts of cleaning. However, if you want something for a specific use case, the options are certainly there. You can opt for a vacuum cleaner that is made for different purposes like cleaning long hair of your pets. But do consider these things beforehand.


Budget is another thing that I would like people to start considering whenever they are in the market for a vacuum cleaner. To be fairly honest, deciding on a budget is not really difficult, meaning that almost everyone can decide that. It is not like you are buying something that lies on an entirely different, broader spectrum. The price range does not have a lot of variance in it, and it will be relevantly easy for you to be able to consider the price.