Canada is a country known for many things; polite people, hockey, maple syrup, and for its fascination with high rise condominiums, Canada has an abundance of busy and bustling cites that are quickly running out of place to develop and provide people with space to settle down, this lack of available space and ever increasing demand for living space has led to condos becoming quite popular in various parts of the country. Toronto is one of Canada’s biggest cities and has many promising condo projects lined up for completion in the near future.

One particularly promising condo project that is set to begin construction very soon is 357 King West; a condo project that plans on being grand enough to live up to the “king” in its name. this project is being headed by Great Gulf Homes and is set to launch quite soon, it will have 42 stories and a total of 324 suites, the types of suites will include single to three bedroom units and will feature fantastic amenities. One of the most impressive features of this condo project is that it is going to be situated Toronto’s entertainment center, providing people with the opportunity to live right in the middle of all the action that goes on in Toronto.

357 King West’s prime location makes it an ideal place to live for anyone who wants to enjoy Toronto’s night life to the fullest, you can get details about its floorplan and pricing by visiting its website. The project will reach completion around 2022, you can register for early information and more at the website. 357 King West is going to have a lot of eyes on it, so be sure to follow any news regarding it closely if you plan on investing in it.