Our cellphones have become such a pivotal part of our life that we realize that we cannot really function without them. Our phones contain our contacts, our calculator, our browser, our ability to connect, our social media etc. Of course most of these were add-ons as time passed. The most basic function of phone calls was, to make calls.

So you are able to dial the number of another phone and then be connected to them in less than a minute. Of course a lot of people initially could not afford phones, and those people who had it treated it like a luxury item to be used on rare occasions. This is because making a call was very expensive in the beginning and people would have to pay a lot of money for each minute that passed by. Thankfully mobile network service providers realized the problem with this and then introduced a completely new concept that changed how mobile networks functioned. This was the development of mobile package subscriptions.

Each subscription package was limited to a number of days, be it a daily, a weekly or a monthly package, offering a fixed number of minutes for calls and SMS for a fixed price. This way people did not have to end up being charge for every minute they spent on call or for every SMS they sent. This became a very popular options because of how convenient it was for people. This package would last till the designated number of days of the package had passed or till you run out of your given minutes and SMS, you can then choose to renew the same package or opt for a different one. If you are currently on the lookout for different packages, you can visit Mobillo.se for more information.