The roof of a house acts a lot like its hair; it needs to be kept cleaned and in good shape to maintain a house’s look. Many homes often lose their looks due to the eventual build-up of moss on their rooftops, moss can be unavoidable and can be really hard to get rid of once it starts growing somewhere. It can also start to damage your rooftop if you let it keep on growing, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of rooftop moss is by having your roof pressure washed, this method produces quick and effective results.

However, pressure washing can easily damage your roof (especially if your roof has tiles), so you should always make sure to hire a professional who knows what they are doing. Diamond Clean has been providing the Vancouver area with a plethora of exceptional home maintenance services that focus on keeping one’s home safe from the harmful effects of rain and water build-up. Diamond Clean has a unique approach to rooftop de-mossing them enables them to completely clear out any rooftop and then keep it moss free for 24 months, the company is so confident about their de-mossing that they offer a two year guarantee of a moss free roof.

Unlike other roof cleaning service providers, Diamond Clean does not use harmful pressure washers that only provide a temporary solution to rooftop cleaning, instead they approach de-mossing in a very strategic manner that not only makes your roof brand new, it also addresses moss growth. For more details on how this company can de-moss your roof and make it look brand new again, take a look at their website You can contact their personnel from here as well and also request a charge free estimate.