It is surprising how common anxiety and panic attacks are, what seems completely normal to us would daunt many and they would feel the heat and get out of control, this mental disorder takes the better of us and it doesn’t mean that someone is suffering from permanent mental illness, but this occurs due to phobia or being scared or worried about something, many would scared of driving on the highway, that’s why we see people getting panic and anxiety attacks while driving, or it could be down to anything as basic as an exam, I had a friend who was not able to appear into the examination hall unless he has taken his anti-anxiety pills, upon asking he would always say that the examination hall haunts him and his fingers would get jammed and he would vomit if these pills are not taken.

There are different indications of a panic attack, the permanent symptoms are observed overtime but one would sweat excessively or feel nausea or feel like vomiting, these are some of the most basic signs that someone is facing an anxiety attack.

High levels of anxiety stops one from thinking straight and if you are with someone who is going through an anxiety attack don’t expect them to make sane decisions, their breathing rate will increase and you should be the one helping because their ability to be sane has been taken away by the situation, what you should do is to stop them from doing anything and sit with them rather than making a circle and stare at them which is one common mistake people commit, you should rub their palms and encourage them they are alright, hopefully this article has helped you learn about anxiety and panic attacks but if you want you learn more you can find out more here.