Water damage to your house can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, along with additional money to replace anything that might have been ruined or affected due to water damage. If there is anything worse than water damage, its sewer water damage, and this is something that is very likely if you are negligent about your sewage drain because a clogged sewage drain can become your biggest nightmare if left alone. This is why we have listed down a few warning signs of a clogged sewage line to help you out.

  • While our sinks, toilet etc. can have issues draining water from time to time, if two or multiple pipes in your house are not draining water properly or a toilet is suddenly working too slowly, you might have a problem with a clogged sewage line.
  • Sewage has a very distinct, pungent smell and if you can smell it around your house or property, there is clearly a very serious problem in your sewage line that needs to be looked at by a professionals.
  • The water from a blocked sewage drain sometimes ends up transferring to your yard. So, if you notice that there are wet patches in your otherwise dry yard during a hot day, you should be concerned.
  • If you see bubbles or hear gurgling sounds from your toilet or sink, then there is clear plumbing issue with your sewage line that needs to be looked at.

If you want to avoid getting this far into the problem, you can easily by prevent it by opting for a drainage company to come over and inspect your sewage pipes so that they can identify the source of the problem and then take care of it effectively before it gets out of hand and causes more issues.