It is a good thing that we have left the time of removable dentures and fixed bridges because those things were not comfortable at all and were sometimes painful too. Now if a person loses his/her tooth permanently, he/she can easily go for a dental implant and continue on with his/her normal life without an interruption. A person can lose his/her teeth due to old age but teeth fall because of injuries and diseases too and it is nothing to feel bad about because dental implants are here to save the day. No matter how much you take care of your teeth and manage your calcium intake perfectly, it is still possible that you might lose your teeth when you become old but it is nothing to panic over with dental implants in the dental field. For those who do not know about dental implants, they are made of titanium which is why they are strong and they are actually attached to the jaw and artificial teeth can be attached to them.

You can always learn more about dental implants online or if you wish to get to know about them from a reliable source because you need them then we would suggest that you ask the dentists at Mint St Dental and rest assured, dental implants are beneficial.


It is such a common and uncomplicated procedure that it is a success and patients do not feel much pain after they have been instilled. Most of the dentists in any dental clinic can perform the procedure easily.

Life Span

Unlike the life span of dentures and bridges, dental implants last forever i.e. as long as the patient shall live which is great news because he/she won’t have to get them replaced ever.