No matter where we live, we will need to spend on the cleanliness and maintenance of our property. Many people might hire maids to get the outdoors of their home cleaned whereas others might invest on a pressure washer and do the task themselves.

It is a common dilemma among people when they decide about buying this kind of pressure washer but are not sure whether they should go for a gas and oil one or its electric counterpart. At first these both powered units might look the same with similar exterior shape and size but as you get into the details and functionality they are quite different. If you have planned on spending on a high quality pressure washer, then you must evaluate these types in detail to make an informed buying decision.

When it comes to high pressure, gas or oil pressure washers have no product in the market to be compared with as they have usually the upper limit of 2800 PSI which is quite high than the even high-end electric pressure washers. The average electric washers have a power of about 2000 PSI but this might not be a downside to most individuals because there are many types of motors available out there in the market such as the induction motor.

The water flow capability of a typical electric washer is anywhere between 1.4 to 1.5 GPM, whereas that of its gas powered counterpart starts from 2.5 GPM. Mostly business owners who are looking for efficient ways of maintaining their corporate properties spend on gas powered units. For a typical single family house electric power pressures are perfect as they give the desired results for the price you spend to buy them. To find more information about this, make sure to visit the website at