If you want to make sure that you always make the right decisions, you need to a quick cost-benefit analysis before every major decision. This way you get to assess the pros, the cons and if they are worth the price you have to pay. The same process follows when it comes to your choice of where you would like to live. Most young adults live in apartments, however, once they want to move out of an apartment, they have two options, to either go for a house or opt for an apartment. Now keeping the cost-benefit model in mind, condominiums are actually a lot more economical than homes.

First of all, keeping the housing crisis in mind, we all know and understand that houses are very expensive, yet they sell at a comparatively lower cost. Condominiums, on the other hand, are less expensive than houses and their reselling price is not as bad as houses either. So, if you are looking for permanent property investment, condominiums are pretty economical.

Another thing you need to remember is that condominiums are located within the city center, keeping this in mind, we also know that houses are located in the suburbs, making them much farther than the city center. So, the cost of fuel and commuting for condos is negligible compared to how much money homeowners have to spend commuting each day to and from the city center, that too coupled by traffic. People with condos can even navigate around the city without a car since everything is closer by, which once again adds to the convenience factor. If you are not considering opting for a condo, then Sugar Wharf recently launched a condominium project and is open for bookings, so you can call them today and go for a tour.