When setting up a business in Australia you would have to choose the best way possible to attract more customers and retain good relationships with them. One of the most effective ways is to buy either 1300 or 1800 numbers which can be answered on any landline or phone number in the country. Although both of these numbers have similar features but their monthly costs vary a lot. Depending upon the country from where the caller is inquiring to your business about a certain aspect, you would be charged accordingly. Many businesses might go for 1300 numbers because they don’t have to pay the entire amount of the inbound calls they get every month.

Your caller will be charged the same rates of local calls and the remaining amount would be due on you to pay the company. When it comes to 1800 numbers the company incurs all the charges and the dialer is not liable for any amount no matter what type of cellular service or appliance they are using. These numbers also have diverse call handling options that are designed depending upon the structure and needs of the organization. For the best and cheapest 1300 numbers in Australia, you should check out the webpage of Simple 1300 Numbers.

When an individual wishes to ring your company from their landline anywhere in Australia, they will select the most affordable option. Often time’s people might get discouraged to give you a call if they are charged high rates. Most business that have just started out and don’t have a big budget, they are advised to go for 1300 numbers. This way the amount of the entire call is shared between the owner and the dialer, so that both parties have to pay a specific portion.