For all the people out there who are trying to get in touch with the concierge doctors and have not yet been able to find a good and reliable one, we would like to recommend that you check out Dr. Ian Kroes as your concierge doctor. He is one of the very few people out there who really cares and believes in providing a good medical care environment, he has given much important to history and also makes sure that he establishes a proper patient doctor relationship.

Due to his unique way of thinking, and devotion towards concierge medical practice, he has now opened a clinic that is known by the name of Peninsula Doctor, you can seek medical advice from him. So if you are considering going to Peninsula Doctor, you need to know that if you want to seek these services, you will have to pay a retainer fee on a yearly basis to the clinic, but with that, you will be able to access the doctor’s services at any point in time. Since it is his main vision for the clinic, to dedicate the time needed to deal with the patient and their wellbeing, you will find this a great deal more comforting. There are certain benefits of having Dr. Kroes as your consultant, check them out below.

Act as a Primary Care Doctor

So in case of any emergencies, Dr. Kroes will be considered as your primary care provider or doctor and will be contacted so that everything is consulted with him before anything happens. He will be available to you at all times, whenever you need him or his services.

Interpretation of Results

So if your secondary or tertiary care doctors asked for tests and you want to discuss, he will be available for those session, where he will go through everything and explain it in detail to you so there are no ambiguities left.