A basic necessity that many tend to overlook as a part of our daily lives is the amount of water that we consume. We can often take for granted the practically unlimited supply that we enjoy at home, blissfully ignorant of the fact that most of the worlds population doesn’t get to enjoy the same luxuries as we do on a daily basis. Even access to the internet is limited for most people and they wouldn’t even be able to read this article. Even though more than 70% of the world is all covered in water, we can only make use of about 1% of it thanks to how high the concentration of salt is in the ocean.

Taking the salt out of the picture, there are still many locations scattered about that could have otherwise had usable water but due to contamination from other toxic sources, those reservoirs are no longer in a usable state today. It’s high time that we start thinking about the water we make use of and ensure that as much of it as possible is saved for later usage. At the very least, when we’re taking our showers we could install a Reef channel to ensure that there isn’t a puddle of water at our feet constantly and is instead filtered out appropriately.

This responsibility is something that falls on the shoulders of people like us and we should step up to the mantle to take claim over it. If no one comes forward to conserve our precious water we may find ourselves with a future where no one will have access to fresh drinking water as all the sources in the world have gone ahead and become contaminated thanks to the ignorance of the many people who should have otherwise kept an eye out.