Going through acne is one of the most defining areas of our puberty. Some people will have an odd pimple every now and then, other people have people localized either to a certain part of their face or spread throughout their face. Then there are people who have never gone through acne but might later on develop it once they hits their 20s, and then there are those who are lucky enough to never have to deal with it, however this article isn’t related to that lucky minority.

Acne of any kind, be it cystic, inflammatory, whitehead acne etc. doesn’t really look nice, and we cannot help but think that we look unattractive, which can affect our self-esteem, which is why for a lot of us, our natural reaction to acne and pimple is to scratch, pinch or to press it and that is where the problem with hyperpigmentation begins.

When we scratch or pull at our acne or skin, we end disrupting the top layer of our skin which happens to melanin aka the things that is responsible for our skin tone in it. So, as you irritate that skin or damage the layer, the residue leaves results in hyperpigmentation and dark spots once the damaged layer eventually heals. This is why it is strongly recommended to not tug, pull or touch pimples and acne areas in order to prevent damage.

Of course for more serious acne cases, it is strongly advised to see your dermatologists, however, to treat discoloration or open wounds due to puling acne, you should keep the area covered, use topical ointments and prevent touching it. Of course you can also opt for procedures like laser and skin peeling as well. If you want to learn more about hyperpigmentation, acne or different treatment options, you can check MyLighterSkin.com for a better idea.